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  Simon Jenkins in The Guardian today reflects on what he considers the easy bellicosity of NATO powers against the Muslim world, and the UK’s imperialist echoes in its relations with Muslim majority states.

Jenkins writes:

“That echo [of imperialism] is far from an irrelevance. It has conditioned surely the most catastrophic decade in British foreign policy since the 1930s. Another soldier died in Helmand over Christmas, where soldiers will go on dying, to no clear purpose, until 2014. Another hundred Iraqis died in Baghdad bombings, the outcome of Britain’s shared incompetence in restructuring Iraq. Meanwhile, around 5,000 have died in Syria, screaming against the double standard that toppled regimes in oil-rich Iraq and Libya but leaves Syria to empty sanctions and emptier rhetoric.

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  The Shields Gazette reports that a drunk woman smashed a window at the Bait – ul -Mamur Jame Masjid in South Tyneside.

From the local paper:

“Police were called to Baring Street in South Shields after Sarah Riley was seen on CCTV running amok at 5.30am.

“Officers told the 22-year-old to go home, but later found a window smashed at the Baithul Mamur Jame Masjid Mosque.

“When arrested, she said she couldn’t remember what had happened.

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   It would seem Martin Bright’s efforts to drive a wedge between Muslim and Jewish communities has found disfavour among some readers of the Jewish Chronicle.

In reviewing Bright’s article of last week Islamophobia Watch observed:

“Bright is quite happy to poison relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities because he isn’t a member of either and doesn’t have to live with the consequences of his inaccurate and irresponsible journalism. His approach does play well with the likes of Melanie Phillips, of course, but more thoughtful members of the Jewish community must surely question the damage done by Bright’s use of the JC as a platform to pursue his malicious campaigns against representative Muslim institutions.”
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  The Independent Academic Research Institute and the pressure group Stopwatch are conducting a survey to gather young people’s opinions on new proposals to extend police powers. The changes include giving police forces the power to ask members of the public to remove face coverings, such as niqab, and imposing curfews for young people.

The details of the proposed reforms to police powers are covered in a Home Office ‘Consultation on Police Powers to Promote and Maintain Public Order’.

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  Nabil Ahmed, head of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies has warned the government against linking university attendance with terrorism.

He made the comments in response to evidence given by Hannah Stuart of the Henry Jackson Society to the Home Affairs select committee’s conference at De Montfort university last week, part of the committee’s inquiry into The Roots of Violent Radicalisation.
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  The Guardian reports that Abdel Hakim Belhadj, the head of the Tripoli Military Council and former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is suing Britain’s security services for their alleged complicity in his rendition by the CIA to Libya in 2004. Belhadj was unknowingly rendered with his pregnant wife. He was allegedly tortured during his rendition and in the subsequent 6 years that he spent in Libyan prisons.

From The Guardian:

“A Libyan military commander and rebel leader has launched legal proceedings against the British government over his rendition and alleged “barbaric” treatment meted out to him and his pregnant wife.
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It would seem Paul Goodman has earned a well deserved rebuke for his libelous article on Sir Iqbal Sacranie posted on Conservative Home some weeks ago.

Goodman’s article focused on the Government’s yet to be published integration strategy and the proposition seemingly included in the plans to establish a Muslim Leadership Council.

Goodman’s libelous claims relate to his accusation of Sir Iqbal being a trustee of the charity Union for Good and thereby, in Goodman’s view, ill-suited for the role of member of the Muslim Leadership Council. Goodman also alleges that Sir Iqbal’s name when put forward for membership of the MLC was declined by Government officials.

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  Two men who abused a Muslim on a coach trip from Dover, one of them urinating on the Muslim’s trainers, have been found guilty of religiously aggravated common assault and religiously aggravated harassment.

From the local paper, Bracknell Forest Standard:

“A Bracknell man who admitted urinating in a Muslim man’s trainers, during a racist ‘happy slapping’ incident, will be sentenced for the ‘vile and disgraceful’ act in January.

“IT worker Darren Scott and his friend Aidan Ostintelli, of Camberley, were drunk and high on cannabis when they abused and attacked Mustapha Himedean after a trip to Amsterdam in July.

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   The Institute of Race Relations reports that taxi drivers in Cardiff are threatening a mass strike in protest against the “routine racist abuse and violence” they face and the “indifference by the police and local council”.

From IRR:

“According to the chairman of the Cardiff Hackney Association (CHA), Mathab Khan, 731 CHA members could walk out next Friday, amid claims police do not respond quickly enough to the continuous attacks, violence and damage to their cars that drivers face. Cabbies are ‘dreading’ the weeks over Christmas, Khan says, and have dubbed 23 December – the day of the potential strike action – as ‘Black Friday’.
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