Blackburn decorator daubed Muslim man's walls with racist abuse and drawing of pig’s head - Ukip spokesman apologises for retweet of racially charged slogan - Gang hurl rocks at Preston mosque - Nike and Adidas promote radically inclusive visions of society in two powerful new ads - Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Government for scrapping child refugee scheme - Public cash paying for growth of fake news - UK government hires M&C Saatchi to fight far-right threat - Man denies making offensive posts about Muslims on social media - Telford shop attacked in 'absurd' Britain First race hate video - Muslim teacher wins €9,000 in Berlin discrimination case

Policy Research

At Mend, we are dedicated to creating and supporting an environment in which British Muslims can confidently and critically engage in media and politics.

Our research interests focus on representations of Islam and Muslims in the media, Muslim engagement in politics and anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK for the purposes of contributing evidence-based analysis to policy debates advancing equality and anti-discrimination on grounds of race and/or religion.

We produce annual reports on anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK and changes in the policy and discourse environment to improve the policy, legislative, social and criminal justice responses to hate speech and hate crimes targeting Muslims.

We analyse media output to document representations of Islam and Muslims that are biased, distorted or gross misrepresentations. We use this data to inform our advocacy work in improving press standards in coverage of religion generally and Islam in particular, and in our community engagement work on wider religious literacy and understanding.

Mend is a ‘think-do tank’ – we use our research output to enhance our training programmes and capacity building workshops for British Muslims and to better inform our advocacy.

Media representations of Islam and Muslims

Conducting quantitative and qualitative research on media representations of Islam and Muslims is vital to dissecting bias, perceived or real, and developing policies to improve media reporting on Muslims.

Anti-Muslim hate crime

Documenting anti-Muslim hate crime and compiling statistics on trends in Islamophobic hate crime forms part of our body of work on challenging Islamophobia. Our data on hate crime; physical, verbal and virtual, is submitted annually to the Office for Security and Co-operation in Europe. By analysing trends in anti-Muslim hate crime, we can work better with the relevant agencies to tackle it.

Muslims and political engagement

Muslims, like other minorities, are a growing section of the UK population and the younger profile of the Muslim community means many more first time voters in years to come. Understanding how Muslims engage in formal and informal politics is part of our work on improving Muslim participation in politics at all levels.

Briefing Papers

Our full list of briefing papers are listed below.

MEND responds to libellous and defamatory attacks by Tell Mama

posted on Friday January 13 2017

This supplementary submission is presented by MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) in response to evidence given to the committee by

EU Referendum

posted on Friday June 3 2016

The European Muslim population grew from 4% in 1990 to 6% in 2010 and is expected to rise by 2030 when

London Mayoral and Greater London Assembly election 2016 Manifesto

posted on Tuesday April 12 2016

The election of the Mayor of London and 25 members of the Greater London Assembly on Thursday 5 May presents

PCC Manifesto 2016

posted on Friday April 1 2016

By enhancing Muslim engagement in the PCC elections and raising awareness and expectations about policy issues that impact on British

OSCE Hate Crime Report 2014

posted on Wednesday November 18 2015

This report contains details of incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes which have been reported in local and national media in

Activities Report 2014

posted on Wednesday May 20 2015

In July this year, new life was breathed into the old iENGAGE system. MEND was born with an even sharper focus,

MEND Muslim Manifesto 2015

posted on Wednesday March 4 2015

Download publication here

In Focus – Halal Slaughter and Food labelling

posted on Wednesday February 4 2015

There has been a stark growth in UK public interest on religious slaughter and food labelling, driven to some extent

In Focus – EU Fundamental Rights Agency and anti-Muslim hate crimes

posted on Wednesday February 4 2015

The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has undertaken extensive research into the situation of Muslims in the European Union

Submission to the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) 2013 report on "Hate Crimes in the OSCE Region: Incidents and Responses"

posted on Monday January 27 2014

This report contains details of incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes which have been reported in local and national media in

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