Education and Training

MEND appreciates that education is the first step to British Muslims being more confident about participating in politics and public life.

The more we know, the more confident we feel and we are more likely to feel empowered to make a contribution in media and politics.  MEND has therefore tailored its education and training programmes into 3 distinct styles based upon the audiences we regularly encounter;

Islamophobia Presentation

A 45 minute presentation which offers an overview of the causes of Islamophobia in the UK and identifies opportunities and solutions to challenge anti-Muslim prejudice and hate crime.


A half day course on either media or politics, we have courses on both. The courses include topics like (MEDIA) the media landscape – ownership and plurality, Muslims in the British media and engaging with the media (POLITICS) political institutions and lawmaking, the history of racial and religious anti-discrimination legislation and counter-terrorism policies, and special interests and lobby groups in the democratic process.


A full day course offering an in-depth insight into British media and politics. To date, hundreds of British Muslims have attended masterclasses from across the country and from the feedback, we have to say the courses are a huge success.

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To either invite us to deliver an Islamophobia presentation in your locality or to attend a workshop or masterclass, please click here.