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They say ‘many hands make light work’ but in the case of MEND without the active participation of grassroots communities there would be no work!

The entire mission of MEND rests on your shoulders. Without you, MEND is like Facebook or Twitter without the users. In contrast, with you involved, MEND transforms into a powerful platform for promoting and supporting good in our society. To get involved simply send us a quick email to with your name, area of residence and contact details. We’ll be in touch directly with details about how you can get involved locally. If there is a specific area of MEND’s work you want to get involved with, like attending a masterclass, then feel free to mention that too.

How can I…

Challenge Islamophobia?

Each one of us bears a responsibility to challenge prejudice against others. Hate crime that targets individuals on the basis of their race or religion, or other identifiers, has a greater psychological impact on victims than other types of crimes.

Helping communities to understand what constitutes a hate crime motivated by bias against an individual’s race or religion (Islamophobia) is the first step to tackling the phenomenon.

And by empowering communities to take a zero-tolerance approach to Islamophobia, we can all work towards stopping it.

You can help play your part in challenging Islamophobia by getting involved in any one of our activities from our free seminars on ‘Islamophobia: causes and cures’ to our awareness- raising mobile exhibition, and from our ‘Report It’ campaign or our workshops and masterclasses for community development to challenging media stories using our ‘Read smart’ toolkit. For further information on any of these activities and resources, contact us at

Join a Masterclass?

Simply fill in the form below to sign up for a Master Class near you. Once completed, we will inform you about the event details.

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Raise Awareness?

Running public awareness campaigns to help society appreciate and understand the impact anti-Muslim prejudice and hate crime has on Muslim communities is desperately needed.

We need to better explain that Islamophobia is a not a problem that Muslims must solve alone but a problem for the whole of society to tackle together, just as we do with racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

We have developed resources to help Muslim communities reach out to others and explain what Islamophobia is and how its effects undermine the confidence, security and well-being of British Muslim communities.

If you would like help with organising a seminar or exhibition on Islamophobia to raise awareness in your local community, please contact us at We would be delighted to help you along and offer you our Islamophobia exhibition and other useful resources free of charge.

Don’t forget social media support – You can be active online by following us on Twitter (@mendcommunity) and LIKE our page on Facebook (mendcommunity) where you can also find and share our resources on tackling Islamophobia.

Challenge A Media Story?

Sick and tired of the media’s misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims and the constant stream of negative media coverage? Then why not attend our half day media workshop or our full day media masterclass to learn more about the media and pick up the skills and knowledge necessary to challenge the media for inaccuracy, distortion or bias in its portrayal of Islam and Muslims. If you wish to organise a workshop or masterclass in your area please contact us at

What can I do?


If you are interested in volunteering with MEND, please send us a copy of your CV, details of your availability and details of the project/s which you would like to volunteer for. Send to or fill in the form below:

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We are committed to community development so if you would like to expand your skills set or widen your work experience, why not apply for an internship with us?

All applications for internship should be sent to Please include a CV and covering letter.

Mend in the Community

MEND have a number of campaigns that we run regularly including:
Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) – public awareness campaigns every November

Get Out and Vote (GOAV) – elections portal to help mobilise Muslim communities

Media & Politics training courses – community training packages on British media and politics

‘Report It’ campaign – encouraging Muslims to report all incidents of Islamophobia to police

If you or your local mosque, university Islamic Society, workplace, trade union or any other agencies that you are affiliated to would like to work with us on any of these campaigns please do get in touch with us at

Join a Working Group

MEND working groups are grassroots community groups designed to foster change at the local level through active engagement with media, politics and civil society.

We already have a number of local working groups established across the country. If you would like to know more about joining a working group, or would like to help establish one in your local area, please contact one of our regional managers nearest to you.

London & South East
Aman Ali

Yorkshire & Humberside
Shahab Adris

Qudues Zafar

West Region
Ahmad Jomaa

North West
Yusuf Tai