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Parliament debates motion on causes of delay to Chilcot report

Parliament is this afternoon discussing the long-overdue report by the Chilcot Inquiry into the UK’s role in the US-led invasion of Iraq

Chilcot report WILL be published after the election

The Guardian and Independent front pages today cover the announcement that the report of the Chilcot Inquiry, into Britain’s ill-fated

MPs to back Parliament motion to publish Chilcot report "in weeks"

The Sunday Telegraph reports on moves by a group of MPs to push for the publication of the much-delayed and eagerly awaited

Transparency rules force Henry Jackson Society off APPGs

Randeep Ramesh in The Guardian reveals that the Henry Jackson Society has rescinded its secretariat role on the two all

Chilcot draft report sending "shockwaves" through Whitehall

The Times front page today draws attention to the latest developments with the Chilcot Inquiry report. The report, which has been

UK ‘complicity’ in rendition and torture in the spotlight

The Guardian, Independent and The Sunday Times all report on the concerns raised over Britain’s possible involvement in the CIA’s rendition and torture programmes following the

Calls for inquiry into British 'complicity' in torture

The newspapers this week (Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, The Times and Daily Mail) have all given prominence to the publication

Iraq war inquiry – “worst cover-up of our time”

The Daily Mirror front page today revisits the issue of the delayed publication of the Chilcot Inquiry report into Britain’s

UK Parliament votes to recognize Palestine

Parliament today took the historic decision to recognize the state of Palestine. The vote was won by 274 to 12

MI5 accused in further case of complicity in torture

The Independent reveals fresh allegations of MI5’s complicity in the torture of a young Somali man held in an Egyptian