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Oxford’s halal dilemma

  In a move that counters their record of trying to be inclusive, Oxford University’s Somerville College Junior Common Room committee has banned certain types of halal and kosher meat from its menu citing “animal welfare” issues raised by students. The college’s Junior Common Room...

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Council of Europe’s ruling on Sharia: a case of moral panic?

At a time when the activities of the Muslim communities are being purposely misconstrued by politicians and the media alike, the recent resolution by the Council of Europe risks further maligning the Muslim community. The resolution, dealing with the application of Sharia Law in Europe, makes a...

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Guilty until proven innocent?

Liam Neeson created a media storm after admitting that he wanted violent revenge against black men after hearing that his friend had been attacked by a black man. Despite the polarised opinions that have flooded the media since his confession, the situation has provoked discussion that more often...

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Why are we so hateful online?

In recent months there have been several viral videos depicting Islamophobic hate crimes. In January 2019, a clip was widely circulated of a man filming himself hurling abuse at visibly Muslim schoolgirls walking down a street in East London. Similarly, footage of Syrian schoolboy Jamal being...

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Barriers of Reporting: an IRU success story

  On Monday 15th of October 2018, the Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) received an email from a Muslim female of Black African origin, who for the purpose of this article will be called Fatima, explaining that she had been a victim of racial and Islamophobic abuse. She said that she was on her...

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Putting the ‘free’ back in free speech

The topic of free speech on campus has been reignited as more universities are triggering the infamous ‘No Platform’ policy with the inherent consequence of curtailing free speech. The ‘No Platform’ policy was originally created to prohibit speech that is illegal, (i.e. incites hatred or...

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Random Act of Kindness Day

The 17th of February is Random Act of Kindness Day. This day is for everyone to have the opportunity to do something nice for a stranger, co-worker or loved one, promoting joy and thoughtfulness in a society where there is a feeling of people being less connected to each other. However, depending...

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How Mosques are Helping Birmingham’s Homeless

On the 31st of January Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLM) in Birmingham launched their Winter Freeze Project and opened their doors to the homeless as evening temperatures become freezing. The idea stemmed from the concerns of Head of Welfare Services at GLM, Humayun Saeed, regarding...

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