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Terrorism Legislation

In 2005 the Government attempted to extend the period of detention during which a person can be held without being formally charged with a crime from 14 to 90 days (see below). On losing the vote on that motion, the Government proposed a revision and put a ’28 day’ proposal before the House...

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Parliamentary debates

You can follow any statements and questions made by your MP in Hansard, the parliamentary record of all that goes on in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. You can search Hansard by subject matter or by individual MP and read questions put or subjects spoken on in the House. You can...

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Sample letters

Here are some sample letters that you can use as a template when drafting your own letters to the press. Please remember these are guidelines only. The more unique your letter is, the more likely it is to attract attention so don’t copy these samples, follow their guidelines. How to respond in...

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Useful links

You will find information on all of the sites listed below useful in guiding and enabling your political participation. You can find more information and details of how to register to vote on the About My Vote website. You can use the ‘Write To Them‘ to find and...

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MPs voting records

Your MP is your representative in the national parliament and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the views of his/her constituents are conveyed and publicised in that assembly both through speaking on the floor of the House

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Apologies and Retractions

Writing in complaint of inaccurate or defamatory material is your right as a citizen and an individual. Muslims are increasingly forcing newspapers to rethink their irresponsible practices by using legal means of redress. The Daily Express printed an apology to Inayat Bunglawala, in both print and...

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Press Complaints Commission

Where newspapers are found to be in breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice, and have not resolved a complaint made by an individual to the newspaper itself, individuals can make a complaint to the PCC and request that the PCC adjudicate and resolve the matter. The complainant would have to...

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Tragedy in Britain

Melanie Phillips promoting her Londonistan thesis writes concerning the recent trials that, ‘It [the British establishment] refuses to acknowledge that a war of Islamic conquest is being waged against the West and all ‘infidels’ (including ‘backsliding’ Muslims). Instead, it defines...

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Letters 2008

Letter to the Daily Mail – Dec 2008 Letter to the Daily Telegraph – Dec 2008 Letter to the Press Complaints Commission Nov 2008 Letter to the Press Complaints Commission Nov 2008 Letter to the Bishop of London, The Rt. Rev. Richard Chartres, Oct 2008

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