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Leicester is one of the country’s most diverse cities. It has a great reputation of celebrating this diversity, and for the way in which we work hard to bring different communities together to foster understanding and tolerance. Yet, even with this celebration on diversity & strengths, Muslims face challenges within various aspects of society including economically, socially and even physically as in the case whereby Muslim women who wear a full veil say there are no-go areas in Leicester which they feel frightened to visit – even in a car as reported by the local paper, Leicester Mercury.

However, we can make a difference. Our local working group have been going for over two years welcoming and encouraging all members of our community to actively participate in our working group. We are immensely proud to have members from various communities and hold a 50/50 split in our members being male & female. Everyone brings their own unique value thus allowing our local working group to make an impact. Also, bringing cakes always helps.

As to date we have worked very hard in educating the community of the bigger challenges that the Muslims are facing. We have held countless events encouraging the community to take an active role in countering the ever rising islamophobia that is sadly becoming prevalent in the society. These events have ranged from vintage tea parties, dinners for the professional community and fund raising from our business community. We have also appeared on radio shows and written in the local media.

More recently we have worked in uniting the ulemah of Leicester with a conference that was attended by well over 120 scholars from all different denominations. We have presented at several high profile events, including to David Anderson QC the government’s independent counter terrorism advisor and to IPSO the media regulator. We organised a husting for the local PCC elections, helping the community to make sense of who they are and what they deliver for them.

We are now moving to the more serious end of the spectrum as we have begun to engage with our MP’s, councillors, Leicester council and even with police crime commissioner looking at policies and how best we can tackle various challenges including Islamophobia. In addition to this, we have been working hard building links with various organisations trying to build a cohesive approach to help overcome the many challenges Muslims face. But, we need your help! Our city now famed as Footballs, Premiership champions, if they can deliver at 5000/1 odds, we know together we can make all the difference. So, whether it is to help with tea parties or looking at various policies come and join us and make a difference!

Contact the Working Group

Group Coordinator
Shockat Adam Patel

07926 355927


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