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See this hugely disturbing footage of the provocation of two Australian Muslims by a TV cameraman working for Australia’s Channel 7.

The incident came to light when Channel 7 (and Channel 10) broadcast a segment of the cameraman’s recording depicting one of the Muslims as shouting without cause at the cameraman. Naturally the segment broadcast omitted any reference to the extreme provocation the two Muslims were subjected to, something that was revealed by a second recording of the entire incident by a third party, subsequently played by MediaWatch.

  The JC last week published a transcript of a meeting hosted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews with Lib Dem peer Lord William Wallace of Saltaire speaking on his party’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Questions from the audience focused heavily on the Lib Dems’ stance on Israel and their active support for progress in the Middle East peace process.

Lord Wallace defended his party’s staunch criticism of Israeli policies on settlement building in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel’s dismissal of the Goldstone Report and allegations of breaches of international law during Israel’s attacks on Gaza, universal jurisdiction legislation and the EU –Israel trade agreement.

Lord Wallace said:

“Our position on the Jewish community has not changed. Our position on Israel has changed. The position of Israel has changed and that is part of the problem which Israel now faces.

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  Read about the ENGAGE hustings in Blackburn (candidates pictured left) last weekend here.

The event was marked by a public apology given by incumbent MP and former Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, for his comments on Muslim women wearing the face veil in an article for the Lancashire Telegraph in 2006. His comments have since spiraled into a huge controversy with both the BNP and UKIP seizing on the sentiments to urge a ban on the burqa and niqab in the UK in their election manifestoes.

  The Labour Party has suspended its candidate for the South East Cambridgeshire constituency, John Cowan (pictured), following comments he posted on a website claiming that he ‘would not like any of his children to marry a Muslim’.

The BBC reports:

‘Labour’s election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander told a press conference in central London that the party was looking into how a man who had been expelled from the Liberal Democrats came to be selected as a parliamentary candidate.

‘The latest controversy includes an accusation that he stated on a message board he would not like any children of his to marry a Muslim.

‘In a further forum post attributed to him, Mr Cowan is alleged to have admitted paying a cleaner cash in hand because she and her partner were on benefits.’

  The former Justice Minister, Jack Straw, made a public apology last night over comments he made in October 2006 that have since sparked controversy on the wearing of niqab in the UK and across Europe.

Participating in an election hustings event organized by the local ENGAGE unit in Blackburn Mr Straw said:

“To be blunt, if I had realised the scale of publicity that they [his comments] received in October 2006, I wouldn’t have made them and I am sorry that it has caused problems and I offer that apology.

Can I just say, this is about an issue of communication (you understand). I wasn’t raising it to say it [the burqa] should be banned – quite the opposite. Let me say, I’m not responsible for those in France or Germany or in this country pursuing this. That is their business. I am fundamentally opposed to what they are doing. But if you ask me the specific question: Do I regret the fact that it [my comments] had then got taken round the world and taken out of context? Yes of course I do and I go on seeing people – Muslim women, wearing the full veil in my constituency/advice surgery. I wouldn’t dream of treating them other than with respect and I think they know from me that I do give them respect and I give them as much help as I give anybody else whatever their faith. And I am really glad to have had that opportunity to clear that up.”

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  An interesting clip from an election hustings in marginal seat Ilford North where the incumbent, Lee Scott (pictured), is asked about his membership of the Conservative Friends of Israel and his pro-Israeli stance.

Scott replies to a question from the audience:

“Israel is the finest democracy in the Middle East, indeed it is the only democracy.

“I pray for peace for both sides in the ME and hope that there will be a two state solution but there must be an end to terrorism against innocent Israelis by terrorist organizations.

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  A proposed mosque planning application in Barton Hill, Bristol is the latest target of an anti-mosque Facebook campaign.

Members of the far right racist group, the English Defence League, are among around 700 people that have joined the anti-mosque campaign group.

Comments posted by individuals include remarks that refer to mosques as “breeding grounds for terrorists,” and this tasteless comment:

“Why is there such a high demand for mosques ? Because in there [sic] twisted religion they believe all of the Earth is Allah’s and they plan to dominate, no thanks **** off to the Middle East or some other Muslim hole.”

The Bristol Evening Post reports:

‘The protest site has echoes of a similar group that was set up when plans were submitted to North Somerset Council for a mosque in Weston-super-Mare. Although the plans were eventually rejected due to concerns about noise, planners had to discard 97 per cent of 157 letters of objection because they were racist.

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  Unite Against Fascism are calling a protest outside Broadcasting House ahead of the BBC’s planned airing of a party political broadcast by the BNP tonight.

The BNP launched its manifesto on Friday in which, among other things, it states:

  • The BNP believes that the historical record shows that Islam is by its very nature incompatible with modern secular western democracy.
  • The BNP will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.
  • The BNP believes that there should be absolutely no further immigration from any Muslim countries, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation.
  • We propose the immediate deportation of all radical Islamist preachers, those proven to have attended any of their inflammatory sermons, and any other members of their community who object to these reasonable security measures.
  • The BNP is the only party to identify correctly the twin causes of Islamist terrorism in Britain: (a) mass immigration and (b) a biased British foreign policy which serves to incite Muslims living in Britain.

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  The Board of Deputies of British Jews has urged the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to reverse their decision on the banning of posters used by the Israeli Government Tourist Office (IGTO) depicting the Occupied Palestinian Territories as part of Israel in recent tourism promotion posters. The BoD is encouraging others to write to the ASA and seek a reversal.

The JC this week reports:

‘A spokesman for the Board said: “We have had several discussions with IGTO, impressing upon them the need to appeal in the light of both the injustice of the decision and the community’s outrage. Until such time that this adjudication is revoked, the Board will continue to state publicly that it is inaccurate and offensive.”

‘The Board has itself written to the ASA to retract the decision and asked for an urgent meeting with the body’s chairman, Lord Smith, a former Culture Secretary.

‘In a statement, the ASA explained that the ruling “does not prevent IGTO from depicting the Western Wall or other parts of Jerusalem in future advertisements. The ruling solely seeks to ensure that future ads do not imply that places in the Occupied Territories are part of the state of Israel.”’

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  The Daily Express rounds on Nick Clegg (pictured) for his supporting the muezzin’s call to prayer in the UK.

The paper criticizes the Lib Dem leader for drawing an analogy between the adhan and the ringing of church bells summoning the faithful.

The DE leader comment today reads, ‘For him [Clegg] to defend the spread of the muezzin – the often amplified broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer – on grounds that church bells ring to summon the faithful is deeply troubling.

Church bells are a quintessentially British sound and have been for a thousand years and more. The muezzin is an alien one. If world citizen Nick Clegg does not understand that – and he appears not to – then he clearly knows almost nothing about the country he aspires to lead. And that is a perfectly legitimate cause for concern’.

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