Who is going to manage the expectations of our newly emboldened racists when their white future doesn't arrive? - 'F*** Islam' Bloke fined for waving racist England flag at mosque day after Brexit - London imam sues BBC for libel after being called an 'extremist' - Shock rise in hate crimes across Kirklees communities - What immigration really means to Britain - Free trade must come before migration curbs, says Johnson - Police call emergency meetings to deal with post-Brexit vote explosion of racist hate crime - Sadiq Khan issues rallying cry to Londoners after Brexit vote triggers surge in hate crime - Britain and the Arab world post Brexit - Poles and Muslims targeted amid sudden rise in hate crime

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posted on Wednesday June 29 2016

Post-Brexit hate crimes reported in Northern Ireland

The Irish Times reports on a number racist incidents in Northern Ireland following the EU referendum result on Friday. The paper notes

Halal butchers shop in Walsall petrol bombed

The Birmingham Mail and Metro report on a petrol bomb attack on a halal butcher’s shop in Walsall yesterday. A bottle containing an “accelerant”

posted on Tuesday June 28 2016

Man fined over religiously aggravated harassment at EDL rally in Birmingham

The Daily Star and Mirror report on the court appearance of a man arrested on Saturday during an English Defence League rally in Birmingham. Thomas

posted on Tuesday June 28 2016

London Mayor Sadiq Khan reiterates “zero tolerance” for hate crime after post-Brexit spike in incidents

The Metro, The Guardian and the London Evening Standard all report on the spike in racist incidents and hate crimes

posted on Monday June 27 2016

Woman handed community sentence for tying Union Jack with words “Muslims Out” to school railings

The Sunderland Echo reports on the sentencing of a woman who draped a Union Jack flag bearing a Nazi swastika

posted on Monday June 27 2016

Man to be sentenced for threatening Muslim toddler and family

The Daily Record reports on the court appearance of a man who verbally abused a Muslim toddler as he played

posted on Monday June 27 2016

Two arrests following EDL rally in Birmingham on Saturday

Luton Today reports on the arrest of a local man in connection with alleged offences committed during the English Defence

posted on Monday June 27 2016
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