Blackburn decorator daubed Muslim man's walls with racist abuse and drawing of pig’s head - Ukip spokesman apologises for retweet of racially charged slogan - Gang hurl rocks at Preston mosque - Nike and Adidas promote radically inclusive visions of society in two powerful new ads - Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Government for scrapping child refugee scheme - Public cash paying for growth of fake news - UK government hires M&C Saatchi to fight far-right threat - Man denies making offensive posts about Muslims on social media - Telford shop attacked in 'absurd' Britain First race hate video - Muslim teacher wins €9,000 in Berlin discrimination case

In Focus – Halal Slaughter and Food labelling

posted on Wednesday February 4 2015

There has been a stark growth in UK public interest on religious slaughter and food labelling, driven to some extent

In Focus – EU Fundamental Rights Agency and anti-Muslim hate crimes

posted on Wednesday February 4 2015

The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has undertaken extensive research into the situation of Muslims in the European Union

Counter-terrorism and security powers review

posted on Tuesday February 3 2015

We welcomed manifesto commitments by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties that “security measures must be proportional and consistent with

Counter Terrorism Bill

posted on Monday February 2 2015

The Counter-terrorism and Security Bill (CTSB) has been presented against the backdrop of the terrorist threat posed by ISIL, reports

In Focus – Ethnic profiling and policing

posted on Friday January 4 2013

The UK is one of the few EU Member States which collects and regularly publishes data on the incidence of

Consultation response on Schedule 7 stop and search

posted on Thursday December 13 2012

We set out in this submission our concerns on the exercise of Schedule 7 powers, drawing on official, academic and anecdotal evidence and media reports. It is our belief that S7 powers are used disproportionately against Muslims, a claim corroborated extensively by qualitative data and the available statistics on Schedule 7 examinations. Our submission to the Home Office consultation sets out a number of recommendations for how the government may move forward to reduce the negative impact on civil liberties without compromising national security.

Consultation Response – Review of Counter-terrorism and Security Powers

posted on Tuesday October 12 2010

ENGAGE welcomed the party manifestos of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties with their assertion that “security measures must be

Consultation response Code of practice for the acceptable use of advanced imaging technology (security scanners) in an aviation security environment

posted on Wednesday June 16 2010

The extension of airport scanners to airports across the UK interferes with fundamental rights of privacy, non-discrimination and freedom of religion, as set out in this consultation submission. Whatever stipulations are included in the Interim Code of Practice there is a strong body of evidence from research into stop and search policies and policing procedures which give good cause for concern that the right to freedom of religion and non-discrimination will be breached in relation to Muslim passengers.

Submission to the Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’

posted on Thursday September 17 2009

This submission is the work of ENGAGE, a not for profit non-governmental organisation

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