At Mend, we are dedicated to creating and supporting an environment in which British Muslims can confidently and critically engage in media and politics.

Our research interests focus on representations of Islam and Muslims in the media, Muslim engagement in politics and anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK for the purposes of contributing evidence-based analysis to policy debates advancing equality and anti-discrimination on grounds of race and/or religion.

We produce annual reports on anti-Muslim hate crime in the UK and changes in the policy and discourse environment to improve the policy, legislative, social and criminal justice responses to hate speech and hate crimes targeting Muslims.

We analyse media output to document representations of Islam and Muslims that are biased, distorted or gross misrepresentations. We use this data to inform our advocacy work in improving press standards in coverage of religion generally and Islam in particular, and in our community engagement work on wider religious literacy and understanding.

Mend is a ‘think-do tank’ – we use our research output to enhance our training programmes and capacity building workshops for British Muslims and to better inform our advocacy.