Blackburn decorator daubed Muslim man's walls with racist abuse and drawing of pig’s head - Ukip spokesman apologises for retweet of racially charged slogan - Gang hurl rocks at Preston mosque - Nike and Adidas promote radically inclusive visions of society in two powerful new ads - Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Government for scrapping child refugee scheme - Public cash paying for growth of fake news - UK government hires M&C Saatchi to fight far-right threat - Man denies making offensive posts about Muslims on social media - Telford shop attacked in 'absurd' Britain First race hate video - Muslim teacher wins €9,000 in Berlin discrimination case

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Islamophobia online – tackling the haters

The Independent front page yesterday reports on the anti-Muslim abuse proliferating on social media platforms and the inadequate responses of social

Faith schools, integration and social mobility

Muslim schools seem to be back in the news with the Independent front page yesterday featuring an interview with the chair of

British Muslims face worst job discrimination of all groups

The Independent on Sunday ran a story on the level of employment discrimination faced by Muslims in the UK labour market

New victims, same mistakes

Roy Greenslade, professor of journalism at City University, compares the miscarriages of justice fuelled by anti-Irish prejudice in the 70s

Counter terrorism and curtailing civil liberties

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson in his column for the Daily Telegraph on Monday contributed to the reactionary bout of counter-terrorism policy

Posts promoting anti-Muslim prejudice

Matthew Parris in his column for The Times on Saturday cautioned against the rampant anti- Muslim hostility evident in comments

Ed Husain on Muslim Londoners and the 'Marxist-Islamist axis'

Ed Husain, former co-director of the government-funded Quilliam Foundation heralds his return to the UK with a characteristic piece of

Dispelling myths about British Muslims

Peter Oborne in the Sunday Telegraph reviews Arun Kundnani’s ‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ and Innes Bowen’s ‘Medina in Birmingham, Najaf

British Muslims: modern Britain's success story?

Fraser Nelson, the editor of The Spectator, writes in his column in the Daily Telegraph today about “British Muslims [being]

Surveillance of British Muslims 'from cradle to grave'

Al Jazeera carries a feature article on the ever draconian tools used to monitor Muslim communities and intimidate innocent individuals