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How far-right protesters have cost West Yorkshire Police almost £3 MILLION

How far-right protesters have cost West Yorkshire Police almost £3 MILLION

Categories: Latest News

Wednesday August 09 2017

It has been revealed that since 2010, protests done by the far right have cost West Yorkshire Police roughly 3 million pounds.


This information was accessible due to a Freedom of Information request, showing that these gatherings held by Britain First and the EDL cost West Yorkshire Police not only £2.8m, but the attendance and time of at least 4,500 police officers.


The funds were used for the deployment of 4,517 police officers in order to ensure safe and peaceful demonstrations, with the total figure from 2010 – 2016 reaching £2,846,243.18.


In surrounding regions, additional funding has been used for staffing protests such as Kirklees (£521,463.42), and £170,982 in police resources just for one protest in Batley.


To put the amounts into context; since 2010, Bradford Police has spent 77.2% of their entire expenditure on the staffing of far-right protests, totalling £2,198,011.


A spokesman with the police stated:


“The size of the event or the nature of the event, ie an EDL protest, will dictate risk and harm and the force’s response to minimising the threat to protesters and the public.”


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