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Former EDL leader arrested for filming Muslims

Former EDL leader arrested for filming Muslims

Categories: Latest News

Friday May 12 2017

The former leader of the English Defence League was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to “film” Muslims outside a court. Tommy Robinson had posted a video to his Facebook account on the morning of 10 May where he claimed the police were arresting him for his attempt to film “Muslim paedophiles.”

A spokesman for Kent Police said the arrest had been made due to an incident at Canterbury Crown Court on 8 May 2017. Robinson and a cameraman apparently tried to film and speak with the defendants in a rape trial.

Any filming or recording of courts and court proceedings is forbidden in Britain under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act. However, Robinson claimed he’d been arrested because of “attempted journalism.”

  • Steven Thompson

    About time!

    • Peter Davies


    • Aziz Ahmad Rasul

      Born idiot.

  • Peter Davies

    All charges were dropped, I guess that must be because he never committed any offence?

    • Ajax Smith

      Brown skin is all the evidence of an offence the likes of the EDL have always needed.

      • Peter Davies

        It’s fine saying that if you can back it up with evidence but in the case of Tommy Robinson…well, simply put, you won’t find it


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