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Richard Ingrams criticises composition of the Iraq Inquiry panel

  Richard Ingrams (pictured), a columnist at The Independent and a former editor of Private Eye, penned a column in last Saturday’s paper commenting on the appointment of Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman to the newly formed Iraq Inquiry committee. He wrote: ‘Sir Martin Gilbert, the...

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'The Muslim Menace to Our British Nationality'

  Alex Massie writes a marvellous piece in The Spectator this week, ‘The Muslim Menace to Our British Nationality. For Real!’. Drawing on parallels from British history on the majority’s prejudicial and bigoted views towards other groups in society, Massie shows how attitudes towards Muslims...

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Self-publicist Taj Hargey writes to the Times about the Burqa

  Taj Hargey, of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford (MECO) wades into the burqa debate with a letter published in The Times today. He writes: ‘Sir, While I oppose Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing and pro-American agenda, I commend the French leader for questioning the validity of full-face...

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Daily Express calls for banning the burqa

  The niqab and burqa debate sparked off by Nicolas Sarkozy’s comments on Monday continues apace in today’s papers. The Daily Express informs us that both Muslims and non – Muslims want Britain to ban the burqa. Their sources of authoritative commentary? Among others, the rabid neo-con...

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BBC – Islam, Christianity and religious programming

  The Telegraph and the Daily Mail today both carry stories on alleged bias towards Islam in BBC programming. The Daily Telegraph reports on a document to be presented to the Church of England’s General Synod next month which criticises the marginalisation of Christian programming on the...

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‘Explaining Al-Qaida’s Continued Appeal’

  This paper, ‘Explaining Al-Qaida’s Continued Appeal’, by Dr Brynjar Lia (pictured), Research Professor at the Norwegian Defense Research Institute, analyses factors that have contributed to Al Qa’ida’s continued appeal among some Muslims across the globe. Dr Lia argues Al Qaida’s...

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