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‘HR allows smoking breaks, so why not time off for prayer?’

Employers that allow employees time out to take smoking breaks should have no problem with Muslim employees taking short breaks to perform their daily prayers reports People Management. In an article by Adrian Hoggarth and Sarah Fuller of Norton Rose, the pair explain how employers can successfully...

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Increasing understanding of Islam

The Lancashire Telegraph (11 Sept) comment page reports on a two day festival to be organised in Blackburn to mark Eid ul Fitr and the contribution of the event to increasing understanding of Islam. ‘It’s true to say that while most Muslims know all about Christmas and Easter and their...

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'Muslim Massacre' video game condemned

   A video game that challenges players to “ensure that no Muslim man or woman is left alive”, has been condemned for glamorising violence against Muslims. ‘Muslim Massacre’, which can be freely downloaded on the internet urges players to ‘take control of the American Hero...

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Social cohesion – excluding Muslims

Following the furore surrounding the publication of the ‘Islam on Campus’, report by the Centre for Social Cohesion (CfSC) in July 2008, Inayat Bunglawala, ENGAGE Advisor on Policy and Research, writes, ‘I have written previously about my misgivings concerning the “findings”...

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Newspaper stories say Muslims are 'a threat'

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) comments on the findings of the report produced by the Cardiff School of Journalism on ‘Images of Islam in the UK’ (the report can be found under ‘useful links’) stating that the report reinforces a study done by the IIR in May 2008 on...

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Calls for ban on religious slaughter methods

Campaigners in Scotland will petition MSPs to ban the animal slaughter methods used by Muslims and Jews the Scotland on Sunday newspaper reports (7 Sept). Backed by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and the Advocates for Animals group, the petition will ask MSPs...

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Iraq Inquiry

Parliament has since the war in Iraq began debated at various stages the need to hold an inquiry into the run up to the war and the Government’s handling of affairs in its aftermath. One such debate and motion was voted on in March 2008. Iraq Inquiry – Call reject 25 March 2008 Division 133...

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Racial and Religious Hatred

Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (Reasoned aMENDment on second reading) 21 Jun 2005 Division 14 The Government’s proposed legislation on Incitement to Relgious Hatred faced a number of challenges by MPs

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Terrorism Legislation

In 2005 the Government attempted to extend the period of detention during which a person can be held without being formally charged with a crime from 14 to 90 days (see below). On losing the vote on that motion, the Government proposed a revision and put a ’28 day’ proposal before the House...

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