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Laws of Probability

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is considering placing posters on London buses that state ‘There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life’. The posters have the support of Professor Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, who said that “Religion...

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'Integration cash a joke'

  A letter by Joan McTigue, an independent councillor of Beechwood ward in Middlesbrough to the Sunday Sun criticising Middlesbrough Labour Council’s spending of £400,000 on ‘helping Muslims integrate’. Councillor McTigue writes that the integration of the Irish and Scots cost, ‘not one...

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'Olympic mosque could create breeding ground for extremists'

  Philip Lewis, author of ‘Young, British and Muslim’ and Interfaith Advisor to the Bishop of Bradford, throws his weight behind objectors to the new mosque development project in east London claiming it would create a ghetto and be vulnerable to extremism. At a meeting organised by...

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Phil Woolas on Muslim women

  In an interview with The Times (18 Oct) Phil Woolas, the newly appointed Immigration Minister speaks of his lifelong quest to defeat racism and the challenges he faces in his new ministerial role. He talks of the need to reduce levels of immigration to the UK as the BNP and a looming recession...

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To blame or not to blame, that is the question

  Have the UK’s foreign policy decisions on Afghanistan and Iraq affected radicalization and the lure of terrorism among young British Muslims? The question is an important one given the battles fought over its answer. Dame Stella Rimington, former head of MI5, in a Guardian interview on...

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‘Teach children what Muslims did for us’

   Jim Knight, the Schools minister speaking at the launch of an Islamic innovations exhibition in Parliament, developed by The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation and designed to improve knowledge of the contribution of Islam to European and world civilisation, has urged for this...

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More ‘moralising’ philosophy from AC Grayling

AC Grayling writes about a conference held on ‘World Day Against the Death Penalty’ by the Council of Ex-Muslims and uses the opportunity to again subject Muslims and others to his moralizing on Islam. He writes of the ex-Muslims as ‘brave and principled people to whom the death penalty might...

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BBC Question Time in Stoke on Trent

BBC’s Question Time this week (16 Oct) from Stoke on Trent featured questions from residents in the town concerned at the presence of nine councillors from the BNP on the local council and the associated rise in Islamophobia. “What is the future for me and my family in a city with nine...

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