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Who are we? We are like you. We are a group of people, young and old, male and female inspired to take action to promote peaceful coexistence in a world that is urgently in need of it. We prefer to be proactive rather than reactive and we believe that prevention of societal ails such as poverty, homelessness and unemployment is better than cure. We vociferously protest against sources of negative stereotypes and we empower victims of Islamophobia by giving them a voice so that they can be heard. Where there is division, may we bring unity, where there is fear, may we bring hope and where there is division, may we bring unity and where there is ignorance may we bring enlightenment. We seek to educate the broader society across the different strata by engaging with them on multiple platforms, be that on social media or at one of our fundraising events, from grassroots level to governmental level and beyond. Honesty together with transparency is our policy and we will reach out to vulnerable and marginalised groups in our community to promote cohesion. We stand for solidarity and we collectively and categorically oppose extremism in any of its many forms. Our vision is carry forward the great gifts of freedom and equality and to deliver them safely to future generations. Who are we? We are Muslim Engagement and Development Leeds and we are proud to serve our communities.

Leeds Working Group was one of the first to be launched in England and has a tremendous record of activity and engagement since its launch in January 2015. They have successfully engaged on multiple levels with all the statutory institutes, including the local universities and the media and continues to empower the local communities. They have certainly had a busy year engaging with schools, mosques and community organisations. The biggest event Leeds working group are concentrating on at the moment is ‘Losing My Religion’ Conference in Yorkshire before they take a much deserved rest during Ramadhan.

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Group Coordinator
Dr Ahmed Hankir


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